Chapter 1:  The Search For A Cadillac

1.  The journey begins, we need to find a car:

2.  The search continues as we scour the nation for a suitable Cadillac!

3.  Step 1 is complete, we find a car!

4.  A little video of our adventure to Oklahoma City to pick up the Cadillac:

5.  The car gets a name, and goes out on the town:

Chapter 2:  Preparing Dottie For The Trip

6.  Digging in and seeing what we actually have:

7.  Going through the 43 year old suspension:

8.  Update:

9.  Figured brakes would be nice:

10.  The dreaded heater core:

11.  Baby gets a new pair of shoes:

12.  Front suspension work:

13.  We pick up a straggler:

14.  Winter weather sucks, but alcohol doesn’t:

15.  More parts arrive:

16.   Headgaskets, waterpumps, oh my:

17.  Part II Headgasket:

18.  Dottie is back on the road to work out any last minute bugs:

19.  And she is good at finding them:

20.  One word….Nemesis:

21.   Air Conditioning:

Chapter 3:  The Trip Begins.  We Depart Kansas City!

22.  Departure Day:

23.  Look like we need oil:

24.  60’s look:

25.  We make it to Oklahoma:

26.  Hooters?

27.  5 hours in a car with 4 others….pass me a drink:

28.  Caption Contest:

Chapter 4:  Texas Here We Come!

29.  We arrive in Pampa for the 1st night:

30.  Sunrise over Pampa:

31.  Fun Facts:

32.  Cadillac Ranch:

33.  Kansas City Wrenching Society makes it’s mark:

34.  The midpoint of Route 66:

35.  Only fitting….Route 66:

36.  More midpoint pictures:

Chapter 5:  New Mexico Rolls Out The Red Carpet

37.  A change of scenery:

38.  Hellooooo New Mexico:

39.  The journey to Sante Fe:

40.  Pictures from Pampa to Sante Fe:

41.  Fun Facts and Quotes:

42.  Somewhere in New Mexico…..

43.  A day trip to Madrid, NM:

44.  Madrid, NM pictures:

44a.  More Madrid pictures:

45.  Downtown Sante Fe:

45a.  More Sante Fe pictures:

46.  A drinking club that likes cars:

47.  Out comes the Mateus:

48.  2010 Technology:

49.  You’ve been watching us:

50.  Come along in the Bettle:

51.  Cuba, NM:

Chapter 6:  This Place Is Dead Anyways….On To Colorado! 

52.  We arrive in Durango, CO:

53.  Happy Hour:

54.  The trip to Durango….from the tow vehicle:

54a.  The trip to Durango…from the Cadillac:

55.  Screamin’ what?

56.  Some fine Durango inebriations:

57.  Durango pictures:

58.  Silly Indians:

Chapter 7:  Headed Towards Arizona:

59.  On our way to the Four Corners:

60.  We arrive at the Four Corners:

61.  Roadside reststop:

Chapter 8:  We Made It!

62.  First sight of the Grand Canyon:

63.  KCWS strikes again:

64.  Pictures:

65.  More pictures:

66.  Jim’s pictures:

Chapter 9:  East Bound And Down.  We Head For Home. 

66.  She is getting warm:

67.  Half of the trip is done:

68.  Oil fillup:

69.  Half of the group splits off and take the easy route home:

70.  Quotes time:

71.  Some various pictures:

72.  Royal Gorge Bridge:

73. Canyon City, CO lunch:

74.  Some beautiful CO pictures:

75.  We leave the scenery behind:

76.  Yup, we are back in Kansas:

77.  The final stop:

78.  We make it back alive:

79.  Some random stats:

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