Along with the car we acquired some vintage road maps. Some even have trips marked on them in pen, so we’re assuming that Dottie is no stranger to the road trip!

This inspired us to look for other vintage items and vintage clothing to take on the trip as well. We started out gathering images from the internet…

Cotton Jumpsuit

And there was also some online browsing for vintage clothes, mostly on Etsy. The reality is that we probably won’t find many (if any) vintage items in good condition that fit well enough, even with alterations and repairs. So we decided on purchasing vintage sewing patterns and having new pieces made instead. The following are patterns that we selected, though we may not end up using them all.

Meanwhile we’ve done some shopping at local costume stores, vintage stores and thrift stores. Our next task is to gather ideas for fabrics and begin to gather accessories.

Go Go Boots Purchase! light blue purse purchased to match light blue go go boots

Zebra print skirt

Fabric from vintage jumpsuit

Raw Silk in bright colors

Blue/Orange/Beige patterns are nice :0)

Just thought she was cute 🙂

More subdued colors but interesting pattern

nice pattern, lightweight fabric

Skirt pattern

Cape with interesting hardware

Picked up some vintage books - I'm especially intrigued by the papier mache one ;0)

Got some vintage mags too - hubby picked those out ;0)

I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon then taking a road trip down memory lane via the internet. Karl is busy watching District 9 which is an alien movie for those of you who haven’t seen it. Of course, talk of alien encounters and UFO’s have been around since 1967 but I thought I would take the time to educate you about some of the most popular events in 1967.


A man refuses to conform to life in a rural prison.

A man refuses to conform to life in a rural prison.

Recent college graduate Benjamin Braddock is trapped into an affair with Mrs. Robinson, who happens to be the wife of his father's business partner and then finds himself falling in love with her teenage daughter, Elaine.

An account of the career of the notoriously violent bank robbing couple and their gang.

Other Note Worthy Movies

The Dirty Dozen
You Only Live Twice
Casino Royale
A Man for All Seasons
Thoroughly Modern Millie
Barefoot in the Park
Georgy Girl
To Sir With Love
Grand Prix


NBA: Philadelphia 76ers vs. San Francisco Warriors Series: 4-2
NCAA Football: USC Record: 10-1-0
Heisman Trophy: Gary Beban, ucla, QB points: 1,968
Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Montreal Canadiens Series: 4-2
Super Bowl I: Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs Score: 35-10
US Open Golf: Jack Nicklaus Score: 275 Course: Baltusrol GC Location: Springfield, NJ
World Series: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Boston Red Sox Series: 4-3

Sports Heros

Wilt Chamberlin

Muhamad Ali

TV Shows

1.The Andy Griffith Show (CBS)
2. The Lucy Show (CBS)
3. Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. (CBS)
4. Gunsmoke (CBS)
5. Family Affair (CBS)
6. Bonanza (NBC)
7. The Red Skelton (CBS)
8. The Dean Martin Show (CBS)
9. The Jackie Gleason Show (CBS)
10. Saturday Night at the Movies (NBC)

Academy Award Winners

Best Picure: “In the Heat of the Night”
Best Director: Mike Nichols … “The Graduate”
Best Actor: Rod Steiger … “In the Heat of the Night”
Best Actress: Katherine Hepburn … “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”

Top 100 Songs of 1967 ( I only listed the top 10 here but I have downloaded all of them so we can listen to them as we are cruising down the road 🙂

1. To Sir with Love, Lulu
2. Happy Together, The Turtles
3. Windy, Association
4. Ode to Billie Joe, Bobby Gentry
5. I’m a Believer, The Monkees
6. Light my Fire, The Doors
7. Somethin’ Stupid, Nancy Sinatra and Frank Sinatra
8. The Letter, Box Tops
9. Groovin’, Young Rascals
10. Kind of a Drag, Buckinghams


1967 Plymouth Valiant

1967 Chevy Camaro

1967 Plymouth Barracuda

1967 Chevy Nova

1967 Shelby Ford Mustang GT500

This is nowhere near a complete list, I am sure the guys will have several to discuss along the way!!

Most Popular Fashions in 1967

Continue to follow the blog as Jessi and I document our quest to locate and acquire the most popular styles of 1967. This includes hair, make-up, and all the appropriate accessories.

The most important hair accessory

Couple examples of dresses that can be paired with the Go Go Boots

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