The Idea:

9 days out on the open road in a vintage car – seems like a good idea right? I’m just a car guy from the day I was born, and my parents always drove the big GM sedans.  I got the taste for German cars – first had a few Scirocco’s, then BMW’s and now Porsche’s. This whole idea all started a number of years ago after reading an article in Road & Track by Peter Egan.  He had acquired a 1963 Cadillac deVille and decided to drive it to Memphis and it got me to thinking, it would be really cool to grab a great old 4dr sedan from the 60s and pick up an old Road Atlas from the same year as the car to follow as many of the old roads still available.  Avoid all the interstates and fast food, and try to eat and sleep along the old two lanes as travelers who would have purchased the car new might have done.

Anyway, in my mind, the car of choice was a 1966 Buick Electra 225 4dr with all the power options.  This was just a dream, and back around 2002 Jessi (my lovely and understanding wife) and I were visiting our dear friends Ang & BJ in Indiana and happened to attend the annual Kruse auction in Auburn, IN.  I saw a beautiful original 4dr Buick 225 and I explained to Jessi my dream “vintage road trip”.  She didn’t think I was crazy, and we brushed it off as “maybe some day”.

Its a GO!

Well that “some day” will be here in 2010!  having joined a local car club in Kansas City www.kcws.org (but that’s a whole other story…) we have grown close to a number of wonderful friends and somehow this idea came up over drinks one night.  No cocktail napkins were needed for visuals as the group caught right on and said “Let’s do it!”  Jessi decided to add a period touch, and suggested we buy vintage clothes to match the year of our vehicle and wear them along our journey west.

Karl & Valerie, Steve, and Jessi & I are going to lead of this trip in May 2010 in a vintage GM sedan.  My brother Bob and his wife Sandra are joining in from Corpus Christi, and we’re hoping to have Scott & Lisa and Lin & Cheryl searching out vintage cars of their own to add to the convoy.

 The Search:

As any car guy or gal will tell you, the search is 1/2 the fun!  My criteria is a 63-76 GM 4dr, preferably a Buick Electra 225 or a Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham.  It needs to have power windows, cruise, and functional climate control (heat & a/c) and fall within my budget.  I’m not looking for a $10,000+ show car, but it must be presentable and reliable 🙂

So far, I missed out on 2 really nice cars on eBay auctions – a 1976 Fleetwood Brougham (lost to a buy-it-now) and a 1975 Fleetwood Brougham  (outbid in the last minutes).  I’ve talked to owners of a 1978 Fleetwood 75 limo, a 1972 Sedan de Ville, a 1967 Sedan de Ville, and a 1972 Fleetwood Brougham (video is posted).

Come  join us from the comfort of your living room laptop and follow along. Once we get the car, the count-down starts for our departure day in May 2010!

The Route:

Destination: Grand Canyon.  none of us have been before, so we thought its as good a destination as any!  We’ll follow some of old Route 66, spend some time in Santa Fe, New Mexico and wind our way back through Colorado on the return.



  1. Hope you get this one in OKC!

  2. Jim – Does your brother also have a vintage car for the trip?

  3. Steve, If you need a timing light etc we have one in the shop that gets little or no use. Not new technology, just clip on straight up obsolete technology.

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