Posted by: duckyg | May 30, 2010

Random Stats

Departure Mileage: 91,196 5/22/10
Arrival Mileage: 94,133 5/29/10

Total Miles: 2,937 in a 43 year old car! the only time we opened the toolbox was to replace the plugs, and on the last couple days the starter solenoid overheated, so Karl came to rescue by jumping across the terminals with a screwdriver. New starter will be installed Monday – thanks O’Reilly Auto 🙂

Daily Miles:
Day 1 – 534
Day 2 – 451
Day 3 – we just drove around Santa Fe, NM
Day 4 – 244
Day 5 – 370
Day 6 – 444
Day 7 – 494
Day 8 – 400

Oil: who knows – a lot!  (Jim has trouble counting, but by my count, we were over 40 quarts of oil–Karl)

Fuel: too afraid to add that up. We avg between 12-14mpg, not bad considering the trunk would barely close and we had 5 people in the car.

Coolant: less than 1 gallon

other stuff: brake linings – definitely wore through some old material – the long downhill 8% grades in Utah and Colorado really worked the brakes hard – wish Ray Jones had ordered disc brakes instead of drums all the way around…lol

a/c: charged with r134 before we left, and it is still blowing cold. The interior is so large, that the system struggled to keep up when temps were above 90, but even the backseat was comfortable. Thanks Jim B!

People: 1 bottle of Smirnoff Orange Vodka, 1 bottle of Sailor Jerry, lots of beer, untold # bottles of Mateus, 1 pack frozen Snickers bars, 3lbs of Haribo Gummis, Jelly Bellys galore, 1 box of Ho-Ho’s, homemade trail mix (thanks Cheryl), 1 bottle of Tussin – haha Val

All in all, I think we made the right choice in the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. Wouldn’t have taken on this trip in anything less/smaller 🙂

Personal Encounters with law enforcement: none, a kcws record!

thanks to everyone, including everyone who followed our antics on line – Happy Memorial Day!



  1. What an outstanding trip!

  2. Hi, just read about your trip in Classic & Sports Car, and would like to say well done. It’s an ambition of many a classic car owners dream to do this sort of thing but not many seem to have the balls.


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