Posted by: porschedoc | May 27, 2010

Some pics from today

Val and I have taken over 600 pictures alone in the last couple of days, so it takes some time sifting through all of them to find some good ones to post.  There are a lot more to come in the future.

We left Durango, CO this morning en route to the Grand Canyon.

This afternoon we arrived at our destination!!!!!

12mpg average gasoline consumption:  $……who the hell knows.

50-75mp quart of oil consumption:  $100 in oil

A set of warped rotors/seized calipers on the support/tow vehicle:  $500+

2 extra fuel filters for the bug:  $12

8 spark plugs for the caddy:  $28

1 air filter for the caddy:  $15

Actually making it from Kansas to the Grand Canyon in a stinking 1967 Cadillac Fleetwood:  Priceless

Val riding the pony this morning……wish she would have had her cowboy hat.

Realizing that she shouldn’t be on the pony……

The cops after Val for sitting on the pony:

And again……

And again…..

And again……

By now we are feeling really safe…….

Until they saw us taking their pictures.

So they called for reinforcements.

If we can only make it to the border we will be safe!!!!!!

Wait a minute!!! What is this crap!

So we made our own four corners:

Finally at the Grand Canyon: Val and I


Lin and Cheryl

This is what we have been waiting for

And that was the last we saw of Steve

Val waiting for sunset on Yaki Point

The clouds rolled in and ruined the sunset. Val was pissed so she took it out on this poor defenseless rock.


  1. Oh man. Ya’ll don’t know how jealous I am of this trip! So very cool. Of course, I guess it’s only 1/2 over! Still might be some blood yet to be spilled!

  2. The four corners was closed? That’s like driving cross country in the truckster only to find out that Wally World is closed!

    • yes, but at least the Grand Canyon was open 🙂

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