Posted by: porschedoc | May 26, 2010

Durango, CO!

It was a short trip from Santa Fe to Durango today.  Tomorrow we head to the Grand Canyon.  On our trip in to Santa Fe the bug started losing powser (that’s cheryl talk for horsepower), so we had to put it back on the trailer and haul it in to Santa Fe.  We messed around with it on Sunday evening and came to the conclusion that it was not getting any fuel.  On monday morning, Lin rebuilt the carb and we installed another fuel filter inline as the carburetor was full of junk.  And since Lin was messing with that “Dang Beetle,” Jim decided to throw new plugs in the caddy as we were struggling on some of the hills in the heat.  After it was back together, drove the cars around Santa Fe all day Monday, and onwards to Durango on Tuesday!

Forgot to show a picture of Val and I’s Vintage luggage 🙂

The bug overtakes the Caddy!!! Again!

6800 Feet.  Getting up there.  With Santa Fe at about 6000 feet, the trip to Durango via 550 was pretty easy.

Sign says Elevation 7000 feet.

Continental Divide:  Elevation 7380 feet.  The bug had no problem blowing by people!

The question is….when you stand between the two signs….what state are you in?


  1. Confusion. Ha!

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