Posted by: tiasophia1 | May 24, 2010

Fun Facts and Quotes Day 2

Day 2 resulted in some brilliant notable quotes but I know the group can do better. There are considerably more comments on Day 2 then Day 1 but I must figure out how to be more crafty when writing them down. They are starting to catch on that their every word might be captured!

1. I have a 2 inch ball-don’t tempt me

2. No whammies no whammies (Steve has to run a gauntlet of lights)

3. I can have the Beetle off the trailer in 45 seconds flat! (Karl)

4. We are losing powser not zsurfd wsbhy! (I think Cheryl’s phone starting texting in German)

5. Warning sign: Falling rocks. Might have to take evasive maneuvers.

6. Don’t make me pull this car over, I swear I will! (I wonder how many times we repeat this one during the trip?

7. The people in the back seat are stealing all the Ho Hos! Quickly followed by the following quote.

8. You will give me the Ho Hos

9. Jim is hopped up on Ho Hos

10. After a small engine fire and singed am hair on Lin the fun-o-meter is stuck on zero

11. Oh and by the way, fuel is flammable

12. Somebody put a frickin bell on Karl

I think the last one really sums up the day…..maybe Steve could do a drum roll to introduce this one!

13. Why don’t I just do a shot of JAILOR SERRY

Hey Steve, maybe Jessi could help you out with that!!

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