Posted by: duckyg | January 23, 2010

Dottie gets some new shoes!

While the blondes were out shopping go-go boots for the trip (and enjoying Brobeck’s BBQ without the guys! :P) I was at Shore Tire in Lenexa getting 5 new Hankook tires mounted.  Mileage stands at 89,769

as you can see, we opted to stay with the white-walls facing out to maintain that period look.  Replacing the Sears Radials that were close to 25 years old was a good decision, and the ride and handling have been transformed.  Very smooth,  no more low speed wobbles, and no weirdness in the turns (especially the higher speed freeway entrance ramps).  Money well spent.  Hopefully next week I can get the car in for an alignment – badly needed after our replacement of the front suspension parts .  I can’t wait for the roads to dry out so we can test out the new ride.

While I was out and about today, I picked up some replacement bulbs to get all the interior lights lighting up.  After the heater core installation, we diagnosed a bad bulb in one of the rear reading lights.  One new bulb and we have two functional reading lights for the rear passengers.  I think this will come in handy for mixing cocktails on the fold-down tables in the back 🙂

Next I went after the inoperable lights in the doors.  The rears have a clear light to light the footwells and red light to warn oncoming traffic of an open door.  Referencing the 1967 Fisher Body Guide, I learned the lens is supposed to pop off.  Needless to say, it was a tense moment taking a small screwdriver to the 43 year old plastic lenses and gently prying them out.  Had to replace 3 bulbs in the rear doors, and one in the drivers door, so 4 bulbs later, everything lights up and no lenses were damaged during this repair…lol


  1. Great work. Good to know your cocktails will not be mixed in the dark!

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