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Classic & Sports Car Magazine March 2011

Just hit the shelves!  Check out page 140 for an article on our journey!



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New to the blog? Click the Index Tab

Since our blog was published with each new post as the first thing you see on the blog, it also puts reading the trip in a “reverse chronological” style.  I have not yet figured out how to list the posts in ascending order yet, so to start from the beginning, you will have to click the “older posts” link at the bottom of each page (I think you have to hit it 3 times total to get to the beginning).  Then you have to read from the “bottom up.”  Not ideal.

Hopefully I can figure out how to use a plugin with our theme to get it reversed around!

Edit: Well looks like WordPress doesn’t think it is a blog if you post in ascending order (from the beginning), so we might be stuck.  If we purchased the blog software and did out own hosting, there is a way around it, so I don’t think we will go that far.


What I did do though, was to created a table of contents where you can click on each post in order from the beginning of the trip….like reading chapters of a book.  When you are done reading that post, you can just navigate to the next (or previous) post from the bottom of the page by clicking on the link!  Essentially you can click on the first post, and then just keep clicking at the bottom of each post through the journey without having to return to the table of contents.

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Random Stats

Departure Mileage: 91,196 5/22/10
Arrival Mileage: 94,133 5/29/10

Total Miles: 2,937 in a 43 year old car! the only time we opened the toolbox was to replace the plugs, and on the last couple days the starter solenoid overheated, so Karl came to rescue by jumping across the terminals with a screwdriver. New starter will be installed Monday – thanks O’Reilly Auto 🙂

Daily Miles:
Day 1 – 534
Day 2 – 451
Day 3 – we just drove around Santa Fe, NM
Day 4 – 244
Day 5 – 370
Day 6 – 444
Day 7 – 494
Day 8 – 400

Oil: who knows – a lot!  (Jim has trouble counting, but by my count, we were over 40 quarts of oil–Karl)

Fuel: too afraid to add that up. We avg between 12-14mpg, not bad considering the trunk would barely close and we had 5 people in the car.

Coolant: less than 1 gallon

other stuff: brake linings – definitely wore through some old material – the long downhill 8% grades in Utah and Colorado really worked the brakes hard – wish Ray Jones had ordered disc brakes instead of drums all the way around…lol

a/c: charged with r134 before we left, and it is still blowing cold. The interior is so large, that the system struggled to keep up when temps were above 90, but even the backseat was comfortable. Thanks Jim B!

People: 1 bottle of Smirnoff Orange Vodka, 1 bottle of Sailor Jerry, lots of beer, untold # bottles of Mateus, 1 pack frozen Snickers bars, 3lbs of Haribo Gummis, Jelly Bellys galore, 1 box of Ho-Ho’s, homemade trail mix (thanks Cheryl), 1 bottle of Tussin – haha Val

All in all, I think we made the right choice in the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. Wouldn’t have taken on this trip in anything less/smaller 🙂

Personal Encounters with law enforcement: none, a kcws record!

thanks to everyone, including everyone who followed our antics on line – Happy Memorial Day!


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Day 8 Pics (5-29-10) – End of trip

Success – Dottie made it home! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that worked so hard to make this possible, both before and during the trip. Also thanks to all of you keeping up with us here from wherever you are – it was so fun to read the comments as we went along! Jim will be on here later posting stats collected on the trip, meanwhile here is my last set of photos. –Jessi :0)

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Lunch at the Anchor Inn in Hutchinson – almost home!

Posted by: kclunnita | May 29, 2010

Kansas roadside attraction (?)

Welcome to Spearville, KS – the land of a thousand windmills. So exciting! ;0)

Posted by: duckyg | May 29, 2010

Day 7 Pics (5-28-10)

Posted by: kclunnita | May 28, 2010

At Big Daddy’s Diner – Canon City, CO

On our way back to KS after this

Posted by: Steve | May 28, 2010

Leaving the mountains


From here on out its flat lands! Tonight we’ll be in Dodge City or Garden City, its all the same.

Posted by: Steve | May 28, 2010

Driving on the Royal Gorge Bridge


We did a fun cable car ride to the other side and back. The sign side soul-stirring, but the only thing stiring inside the cable car was the thick oder of tourists. Worth the punishment on the nose.

Posted by: duckyg | May 28, 2010

Day 6 Pics (5-27-10)

Posted by: tiasophia1 | May 28, 2010

More Notable Quotes

1. Boy you got real purdy teeth

2. What is the tip? Don’t eat yellow snow!

3. Jim, did you use motor oil to get your hair that way?

4. Steve Nelson can’t pass me!!

5. Just say NO to the lemon ho hos

6. Steve says this gas pedal is like sticking your foot in warm pudding

7. That is the worst bromance I have ever seen.

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Day 5 Pics (5-26-10)

Posted by: porschedoc | May 28, 2010


Come on folks, click the comment link below and make us a caption for this picture!  Last we heard Lin and Cheryl were somewhere along hwy 54 in Texas.  PS…..the for sale sign isn’t for the bug……..
For Example:

“Lin is drinking the Mateus.  And that’s when the fight started……”

Posted by: kclunnita | May 28, 2010

Gas stop in Bedrock, CO

Closest we’ve come yet to running the tank completely dry…fancy, huh?

Posted by: Steve | May 28, 2010

East bound and down


“…and we gonna do what they say can’t be done.” Actually we just did it by making it to the Grand Canyon. Now we’re going to do it again by getting back home!

Posted by: kclunnita | May 27, 2010

Letting Dottie cool off for a bit in Bluff, UT

She was a bit overheated after going through Monument Valley.

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Some more pics from yesterday

KCWS strikes again.

Val hiding behind the rock

Steve getting brave….

And braver…..

Val and I

Steve climbing back up after his fall down…….

Valerie at the first stop.

The gummies lead the way! That is, until they got hot and gooey.

Elk crossing

I can’t show you the next picture of the bear eating the truck as it was too graphic……

Cow crossing

People crossing?????

Cougar crossing……..

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Some pics from today

Val and I have taken over 600 pictures alone in the last couple of days, so it takes some time sifting through all of them to find some good ones to post.  There are a lot more to come in the future.

We left Durango, CO this morning en route to the Grand Canyon.

This afternoon we arrived at our destination!!!!!

12mpg average gasoline consumption:  $……who the hell knows.

50-75mp quart of oil consumption:  $100 in oil

A set of warped rotors/seized calipers on the support/tow vehicle:  $500+

2 extra fuel filters for the bug:  $12

8 spark plugs for the caddy:  $28

1 air filter for the caddy:  $15

Actually making it from Kansas to the Grand Canyon in a stinking 1967 Cadillac Fleetwood:  Priceless

Val riding the pony this morning……wish she would have had her cowboy hat.

Realizing that she shouldn’t be on the pony……

The cops after Val for sitting on the pony:

And again……

And again…..

And again……

By now we are feeling really safe…….

Until they saw us taking their pictures.

So they called for reinforcements.

If we can only make it to the border we will be safe!!!!!!

Wait a minute!!! What is this crap!

So we made our own four corners:

Finally at the Grand Canyon: Val and I


Lin and Cheryl

This is what we have been waiting for

And that was the last we saw of Steve

Val waiting for sunset on Yaki Point

The clouds rolled in and ruined the sunset. Val was pissed so she took it out on this poor defenseless rock.

Posted by: Steve | May 27, 2010

KCWS waz here


…at the Grand Canyon.

Posted by: Steve | May 26, 2010

The Grand Canyon


We did it!!!!

Posted by: Steve | May 26, 2010

Road side bathroom


This is a bathroom we found along the way. You may think it looks dirty or even unsafe. And you’d be right.

Posted by: Steve | May 26, 2010

Four Corners


Closed!! Totally lame.

Posted by: Steve | May 26, 2010

On our way to the Four Corners


…but we just saw a sign that its closed for remodeling! Heads are gonna roll for this!!!

Posted by: Steve | May 26, 2010

Some random road side attraction


Who doesn’t like oversized Indian arrows and tee pees? Oddly enough not an Indian to be seen. Can’t imagine what happened to them.

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